Ayurveda in Sammamish

Ayurveda in Sammamish - Ayurvedic Way

Ayurveda is the way to support your health and escape from chronic or mental illness. Arising in Ancient India thousands of years ago, it is even more relevant nowadays. It has comprehensive guidelines about a diet and lifestyle to live in harmony with ourselves and a Mother Nature to prevent as well as manage the disease. Ayurveda uses only natural supplements from the herbs, roots, bark, raisins, etc. to restore health and does not have side effects.

Ayurvedic Way follows Traditional Ayurveda from the roots, respects the uniqueness of individuals at all levels of healing: diet, pranayama, yoga asanas, herbs/supplements, and therapies. Provides all kinds of Ayurvedic Procedures, including Panchakarma, and uses medicated oils and herbal powders according to the individual constitution and health situation for the best results.

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