Ayurvedic Consultation

What to expect from Ayurvedic consultation?
For the first visit please print and fill Rogi Health Intake Form before you come to the office

First time Ayurvedic Consultation

1 hour 30 minutes $130

Start your Ayurvedic journey here. Get a comprehensive Ayurvedic Assessment including pulse observation, tongue evaluation, body structure and frame analyses, examination of voice, nails and more. After finishing assessment Ayurvedic Practitioner provide you with detailed lifestyle and diet guidelines, herbal and Ayurvedic supplement suggestions for managing your individual health condition.

Free Introductory Ayurvedic Consultation

15 minutes

Discuss your health condition and symptoms with Ayurvedic Practitioner. Learn how Ayurveda could help in your situation.

Follow up

up to 1 hour $90

Continue your Ayurvedic journey with follow-up consultation. Check your current situation and improvements to get future guidelines about lifestyle, diet and Ayurvedic supplements. Be supported during your health management.

Ayurvedic Procedures


1 hour $110

Anointing the body with medicated oil and gentle massage will stimulate sensory receptors, give deep relaxation and provide absorption of the herbalized oil at the same time.


1 hour $175

Gently pouring lukewarm medicated oil on a forehead named Shirodhara in Ayurveda. It preceded by head, face, and feet Abhyanga (oleation) and last for about 30 min of continuously flowing stream.

Shirodhara provides deep relaxation and stress relieving. It is calm and nourishes for the nervous system therefore useful for most mental or psychosomatic disorders. Shirodhara helps to deal with anxiety, ADHD, mental tension, excellent for insomnia and migraines.

It is very nourishing for the scalp hence beneficial in case of dandruff and hair fall. Using specialized Ayurvedic oils for different conditions helps to get best results.