The basics of Ayurvedic diet

Today we're going to speak about one of the most contradictory topics. Let's speak about diet. 

Nowadays the fat-free diet left behind. But no worries. There are new ones coming. Raw food, gluten-free, dairy-free, Hero, Alkaline, Atkins diet, etc. ‘Eat this, not that’, restrictions, cravings, sadness. By the way, they all have their own logic. I’m a very logical person and even tried some of these diets before. Should we try all of this to check how it works? It is always up to you.

I'm going to introduce one more diet for you. I fall in love with one of the famous Ayurvedic books ‘Ashtanga Hridayam’. Therefore everything here is from it and not from my pocket.

An ayurvedic regimen of diet is not only what to eat. Vagbhata says, there are few important points:

  • When to eat - food should be consumed at the proper time, when hunger is well manifested and the body is light.

  • What to eat - it should be accustomed, clean, suited for health, unctuous, hot, and easily digestible, should contain all six tastes with a predominance of sweet.

  • How to eat - partaken neither very quick nor very slow, with attention, after taking bath, without scolding abusing the food, without too much talk, in the company of a liked person.

  • How much to eat - it should be a proper quantity.

And do you know which is more important?

When to eat. We're what we digest. We can put inside all we want but our body built up only from what we digest. If our digestion is poor, we'll not be able to get enough minerals, vitamins, nutrients. Ayurveda teaches that our digestion is more powerful in the afternoon (12-2 pm). Therefore it is the best time for the biggest meal. In the morning we're not ready for eating too much but skipping breakfast isn't a good idea. The best time for breakfast before 8 am. In the evening our body is preparing for sleep. It's a time for light, easily digestible food. Just finish it before 8 pm. 

Frequent meals are going to slow your digestion. Why? The reason is simple. How long does it take for your stomach to empty after a meal? More than an hour. If one meal is eaten in a short time after a previous meal it causes a delay in digestion.

What to eat? It's simple. Eat natural, wholesome food. Avoid refined carbohydrates, refined sugar. If you're eating meat - purchase organic meat and cook it at home. If you're vegetarian, eat beans, dairy. Avoid junk food. The food should be unctuous, warm, and freshly cooked. If you feel light after the food intake - you are doing it right. If the heaviness is present, ether you are eating too heavy food or your digestion is on a weak side.

How to eat? Digestion begins in your mouth, not in the stomach. That's why chewing is important. When we're chewing food properly, we lubricate it with saliva and prepare for the digestion in the stomach. Talking too much, eating too fast is not good.

How much to eat? When you feel like want to eat a little more, it's time to stop. Overeating can cause different kinds of diseases.

Now all of you welcomed for the questions. 


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