Healing waters

Water is essential to sustain life. Up to 60% of our body is water. It regulates body temperature, helps in metabolism and elimination, forms saliva, and lubricate joints. On the other hand, we are losing water constantly through sweat, urine, and even breath and we have to drink to replenish it.

Ayurveda says that water can be nectar-like or a poison, depending on what type of water it is and when it consumed. Here are simple suggestions about drinking water.

  • Drink either lukewarm or hot water, avoid ice-chilled liquids.​

  • Warm/hot water with lemon and honey in the morning helps to boost metabolism, stimulate digestion, and improve elimination.​

  • Boiled water should not be kept for too long. It became stale and cause aggravation of all three doshas.​

  • Coconut water is unctuous, sweet, coolant, easily digestible, relieves thirst, aggravation of Pitta and Vata, cleanses the urinary bladder. 

  • Cold water relieves alcoholic intoxication, vomiting, thirst, hit, burning sensation. Not the same as chilled water!

  • Sip the water during the meal.

  • Replace water with a spicy tea in case of poor digestion.

  • Water obtaining the qualities of the vessel is kept. Hence, to boost metabolism, use a copper vessel, to nourish the body and cool it down - put a silver spoon for a few hours.


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