Healing power of the spices

Ginger called ‘vishvabheshaja’ - universal medicine. Works on digestive and respiratory systems. Useful to treat a cough, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, congestions. Relieves abdominal cramps, indigestion. Improve digestion and metabolic processes. Also good for arthritic conditions. Local application of dry ginger paste used for sinus headaches and painful joints (except burning sensation and redness).

Cardamom is the safest digestive stimulants. Works on digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. Detoxifies caffeine in coffee. Improve digestion, helps stop vomiting, belching, relieve colic. Works as an appetizer, deodorant, digestive. Has expectorant property therefore useful in a cough, asthma.

Basil (especially Holy Basil, Tulsi) acts mainly on the respiratory system. Effective expectorant therefore useful for a productive cough. Removes excess mucus from the lungs and nasal passages. Works for cold, sinus congestion, headaches. Has antibacterial properties. Stimulates digestion.

Black pepper called Marich in Sanskrit, the name for the sun. It works mainly on respiratory, digestive, circulatory systems. Helps to reverse sluggishness and reduce mucus secretion. It's a powerful appetite and circulatory stimulant. Useful in loss of appetite, indigestion, sluggishness.

Pippali called Chapala (giving instant action). It works on digestive, respiratory, reproductive system. Improves appetite, metabolism, helps to clean body from toxins. Useful in colic, indigestion, liver and spleen disorders (enlargement of the liver). Has expectorant action. Beneficial for treating bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, productive cough. It's used as a tonic in tuberculosis. Works as an aphrodisiac reduces seminal debility. Useful in painful labor.

Cumin is stimulant, carminative, diuretic. It counters gas, and aids in digestion and is good for the effects of overeating. Used while cooking helps to decrease the effect of heavy foods. Good for abdominal pain and distention.

Coriander is stimulant, diaphoretic, diuretic and alternative. It is good for colds, fever, flu, skin rashes, a toxic blood condition. It helps in burning sensation, cleans liver, good for digestion and hyperacidity. Coriander improves vision and good for an eye infection. Useful in digestive disorders and urinary problems.

Fennel is an excellent herb for digestion, most balanced of all spices. It is stimulant, carminative, antispasmodic and lactagogue. Fennel good for abdominal pain, indigestion, menstrual cramps. It helps in diarrhea, colic, vomiting, nausea, anorexia, urinary problems.

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