Ghee - the best among fatty materials.

Ghee is fat delivered from the butter but free from milk protein and water. It is made in a way of clarified butter but simmered longer. It has an important place not only in diet but also used for different Ayurvedic procedures and preparations. It's excellent for external applications as well as internal consumption.

Ghee has cooling properties and sweet taste. It is the best food to boost intelligence and memory. It is wonderful for eye diseases (especially, Triphala ghrita) and increases the power of vision.

Ghee is rejuvenating, nutritive, anti-aging, good for debility, and for those desires for long life. It kindles digestion, strengthening the liver and kidneys.

Ghee is useful for lung disorders and improving the voice. 

It increases semen and Ojas therefore excellent ‘for those who desire more children’. (AH. Su).

Kids benefit from consumption of ghee on a daily basis. It helps to increase learning capacity, ability to focus, and deal with ADHD. It doesn't contain lactose or has it in minimal quantity therefore valuable for those allergic to dairy. Be mindful and check on ghee that is certified casein free in this case.

Unlike butter, it can be used for cooking and will not burn. Might be added to rice, soup, steamed vegetables, etc. 

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