5 Best vegetables for Kapha season

If you are planning a spring detox, it would be a great idea to include the following vegetables to your diet.


Bitter melon is the best bitter vegetable. It kindles digestion. It is antipyretic, alterative, antacid. It cleanses the liver, bile, and blood. Helps in diabetes, reduces weight, tumors. Alleviates fever and diarrhea. One of the best home remedies for gallstones.


Cabbage is light, drying, and cleansing. Has antibacterial and antiviral properties, heals eczema, infections, heartburn, prevents cancer, scurvy, eye diseases, gout, rheumatism, asthma, rashes, gangrene. Useful as a blood purifier, a good source of calcium, vitamin C and A.


Celery cleanses the mind and emotions, improves perception. It is good for weight loss, diabetes, water retention, cancer, headaches, urinary tract infections, kidney and liver disorders. It is a blood cleanser and an important mineral supplement. The seeds and roots are diuretic and help dissolve stones, good for arthritis and gout.


Radish (when tender) stimulates digestion, cures abdominal tumors, cough, dyspnoea, ulcers, diseases of the eyes and throat, hoarseness of voice, reverse peristalsis, and chronic nasal catarrh. It's good for respiratory infections, flu, headaches, gallstones, liver issues, intestinal worms. 


Turnip is a blood and lymph cleanser. It helps in metabolic issues and overweight, hence turnip is an important part of the weight loss diet. It is useful in bleeding disorders, arthritis, kidney stones, gout, atherosclerosis, bone-related diseases. Helps to prevent cancer as contains a high level of oxidants.

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