About Maryna Stasiuk Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Counselor

Maryna Stasiuk

Maryna is an Ayurvedic Practitioner graduated by Kerala Ayurveda Academy and Yoga Counselor graduated by American Institute of Vedic Studies and Professional Member of NAMA. She was inspired by her family and wished to find a holistic way to care about nearest people. Made the first step from homeopathy then energy healing (Reiki) she finally came to Ayurveda. Studied Ayurveda from the root texts, brilliant Guru and Vaidya (Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath)

Maryna is passionate about following Ayurveda in her daily routines and professional practice. Her aspiration is to bring ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to the worldwide, help people to be established in their health, teach, guide and support them on their Journey. She embraces each individual uniqueness as an important part of one's own wellbeing and provides healing depends on particular physical or mental condition and constitution.

Maryna believes that scholarship of Traditional Ayurveda and Yoga can amazingly transform our personal lives and make positive shifts from the stage of the disease to the health.


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Bryan and I took this course with Maryna in January at NRIM in Wallingford. After so many years and attempts at Ayurvedic classes, I was finally able to learn and understand Ayurvedic foundations through Maryna's well organized 6 week course. Her slides were excellent and she tailored them adding Sanskrit names for me. Our first consultations were thorough and we learned so much about our doshas and conditions, were setup with herbal medicines and given much generous support from Maryna. She is a smart Ayurvedic practioner, a great teacher and a loving peaceful person. If you've wanted to learn Ayurvedic lifestyle foundation in Seattle this is a wonderful opportunity~!! It is 6 - two hour classes and two consultations with Maryna. I'm so grateful that you offered this Maryna Stasiuk, thank you so much!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Meenu B. (originally posted on Facebook)
I finally have solved my old headache which I have for years in a few months and learn how to avoid it in future. Thanks you a lot.
Artem S. (originally posted on Google)
Maryna is Amazing! She is exceptionally knowledgeable about Ayurveda and its practices and has a deep passion for it. She has a beautiful way of explaining nutrition and herbs that have been eye opening and brought ease to the healing process. Also, she is the certified yoga instructor. I felt comfortable being around her and telling her my problems. At the end, she answered all my questions and I left her excited as well as happy.
Svitlana G. (originally posted on Google)
I received seven cellulite fighting sessions and very satisfied with a result. The result was really impressive and I'm happy with that! Thank you, Maryna, for the warm ambiance and positive emotions!!!
Tatyana B. (originally posted on Facebook)
I'm thankful to Maryna for my husband's healing. We traveled to the US to visit our family. Right after the flight, he developed a back pain and sciatica. In this situation, he was able to walk only at the home even short distance was a problem. Maryna literally puts him back on his feet. She suggested supplements and oil application and just into weeks he was able to walk and enjoy spending time with our kids! It was like a miracle! Thank you Maryna, wish you a success in your practice!
Tatyana G. (originally posted on Facebook)

I'm sixty-two years old. Since 1987 I was suffering from chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps and then asthma. Since then I had multiple surgeries.

Thanks to Maryna, after two years of using Ayurvedic supplements and suggestions I stopped to use an inhaler. Also, I didn't have much sinus infections for the last year. Before healing, I was allergic to the pollen, plants and even medicine. Now I stopped antihistamines and felt very well last spring. I want to mention that I didn't follow any restricted diet, but switched to regular lifestyle, started a yoga practice. After specific Asanas suggested by Maryna I solved the problem with my spine.

At the first, I was worried about everything and sometimes disturbed Maryna a lot. She was always very passionate and sympathetic and explain everything in simple words.

My suggestion to everyone, if you want to be healthy then start to take care and responsibility about yourself.

Thank you a lot Maryna for your help and support!

Tetiana K. (originally posted on Facebook)