Deborah Weaver

Washington Licensed Massage Therapist
Qigong Practitioner (Level 1)

My basic understandings of the integral body started when I met my soon-to-be mother-in-law. She taught me about homeopathy, body awareness, nutrition, balance, and organic gardening. I was forever changed by her wisdom which showed me an open door to healing and awareness.
Later on, I went to Massage School and received my license in Massage Therapy. I feel that giving and receiving a massage is a very special interaction of healing through touch and intuition. I continue my education every two years, which gives me more knowledge on our human bodies and the different ways to activate a healing process.
I took a course in Qigong and learned about amazing breathwork, food as medicine, listening, being still, and Energy that is everywhere and in everything! My world again opened up a new way to think, heal, and be healed. I was so drawn to this Qi/Energy that I got Certified to teach it.
I continue to educate myself in nutrition and detoxification. I’m always curious to learn about how our bodies fall into a dis “ease” and ways to naturally heal our imbalances.
I enjoy nature, its healing properties, its guidance and resilience, its delicate balance and wisdom to connect and communicate. I believe that we walk a certain path that introduces us to opportunities for growth, friendships, education, enlightenment, and choice.
I was recently introduced to Ayurvedic massage and medicine. I’m intrigued by its healing and nourishing approach to the whole body. I greatly look forward to my journey in this ancient wisdom of health and healing.