10 Simple Steps for an Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Jan 26, 2018

Spring is an ideal time to clean up your body, mind, soul and even home. According to Ayurveda late winter and spring is a time where Kapha dosha naturally gets accumulated and then aggravated. What does it mean? The quality of Kapha dosha and Ama (toxins) are raising up: heaviness, unctuousness, sluggishness. On the other hand, our digestive power decreases and we start to accumulate even more toxins (Ama). We feel heavy, depressed, our stomach easily to get full even with a small amount of food, eating very less but still gaining some weight, suffering from respiratory allergies and low immunity, have a lack of taste, coated tongue, pain in joints, stuffy nose, bloating. If any, then it is a good time to start your detox.


What Ayurveda say about spring?

Kapha which has undergone increase in cold seasons becomes liquefied by the heat of sun in spring, diminishes the Agni (digestive activity), and gives rise to many diseases; hence it (Kapha) should be controlled quickly by therapies (Panchakarma procedures), by food which is easily digestible and dry, physical exercises, dry massage and mild trampling.
Ayurvedic wisdom from Ashtanga Hrdayam.Su 3.18

Ayurveda suggests spring cleanse to get rid of the toxins and cleanse Kapha dosha as well as to prevent their accumulation. It is a very good habit to clean up your body yearly before the warm season. It helps you to stay away from respiratory allergies, empower digestion, keeps you positive and energetic, helps to get rid of recurrent health problem.

10 Simple Tips for the Healthy Spring

1. Kindle the Agni with spices

Use ginger, cumin, cinnamon, clove, pippali, turmeric, tulsi as a tea, mix just a few or take a single spice tea. Cumin, coriander, fennel tea is also good. Cook with hot spices: black pepper, ginger, garlic, bay leaf, chili, cinnamon, etc.​ Just make sure you don't have a heartburn or burning sensation in your stomach or diarrhea.

2. Eat light food, more cooked vegetables

Add bitter and astringent vegetables to your diet. Bitter taste has a blood cleaning properties. Yes, it can be tasty. Cooked with spice it is less aggravated and easily digestible.

3. Avoid dairy, cut down sweets.

Everything sweet and heavy has to be left behind until summer. Avoid canned food, leftovers, fast food, refined food, GM food. They cause more sluggishness and Ama (toxins) at the time we are trying to get rid of it.

4. Avoid cold water, drink warm instead or spicy tea.

Cold water slows digestion and leads to toxins accumulation. One cup of warm water with lemon and honey early in the morning is very beneficial: it helps to stimulate digestion and elimination.

5. Eat in a proper time, three meals a day, avoid too much of snacking.

Let your food be digested properly! Keep at least 2 hours between main meal and snack. Our digestion is more powerful at the midday. Make your lunch the main meal. Shift your dinner to the 6 pm.

6. Avoid daytime sleep, go to bed earlier and wake up early in the morning!

It helps to improve metabolic function and boost energy. The active metabolic process exists during the late night from 12 am to 2 am. At that time better to have a sound sleep to enhance metabolism, burn toxins and improve immunity. On the other hand, late sleep or daytime sleep causes sluggishness, increase bodily fat, mucus formation and accumulate toxins.

7. Exercise!

Walk, bike, dance, practice Yoga or whatever makes you happy and active. Exercise regularly, 10 min of exercise every day better than 2 hours once in a week. It helps you to burn out toxins and accumulated fat smoothly without overloading. Remember, occasional exercises are stress for your body.

8. Skin is the largest organ of our body.

Stimulate metabolic function throughout massage with dry herbal powders or heating oils (mustard, Dharani oil - Ayurvedic medicated oil). Skip if there is dry skin or irritative skin.

9. Breath! Practice Pranayama.

It helps to provide more oxygen to the cells. Oxidization improves metabolism, burn out toxins and excess fat. Active Pranayama helps to clean body as well as the mind, keep thoughts clean, gives lightness. The best time for active Pranayama is morning and better to avoid it before bed (slow Pranayama such as Belly breathing or Alternate nostril breathing beneficial before bed). Do not practice breathing exercises right after food intake.

10. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Our Mother Nature take care of us offering the best type of food for the particular season. We have more bitter and astringent vegetables in the spring, then sweet, astringent and cooling in the summer, nutritive and warm in fall and winter. Do not overload yourself with a restrictive diet unless you are under practitioner or doctor care.

How to finish Cleansing correctly

However, Ayurveda says that all cleansing are very depletive in nature, therefore, you should never end up with cleansing but rejuvenation. It is not a fun to get rid of toxins then develop hair fall, low immunity, brittle nails or even osteoporosis, and other degenerative conditions. Hence rejuvenation (Rasayana) is an important part of Ayurvedic detox programs and takes more time than preparation or cleanse itself.

Make your Ayurvedic Cleansing in a right way

Ayurveda respects uniqueness of the individual. Each of us has our own individual constitution (Prakriti) and our own health condition (Vikriti), even digestive power and general strength are not the same. What was good for your friend might be not good for you. Should we use the same methods then? Ayurvedic healing technique either therapy, herbs, diet or lifestyle suggestions are always customized and never use the same approach for everyone.

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