Ksheerabala Thailam Jan 23, 2018

Ksheerabala Thailam is an Ayurvedic medicated oil indicated in all types of the diseases coming from Vata origin. It is a one herb preparation from Bala (Sida cordifolia), milk and sesame oil. Ksheerabala Thailam mainly used as oil for Abhyanga (whole body oleation), Shirodhara (pouring of the oil on a forehead), shiroabhyanga (oil massage of the head), padabhyanga (foot massage), pizhichil (pouring of the oil on a body). It is very nourishing, soothing, calming, nervine tonic, rejuvenative. Ksheerabala oil is beneficial for Vata disorders connected to the mind (anxiety, insomnia, stress, ADHD, autism, etc), diseases of the musculoskeletal system (muscle pain, stiffness, arthritis, joint related problems, etc), neurological problems (tremors, epilepsy, migraines, Alzheimer's).

For insomnia simply apply lukewarm oil on the feet, ears, and top of the head before bed. For musculoskeletal problems whole body Abhyanga is beneficial. For mental or neurological issues try series of Shirodhara.