Eczema Jun 06, 2017

According to Ayurveda Eczema is Autoimmune disease, i.e. disease caused by a problem with immune system. Most common age group is children.

Reasons for the Eczema: family history of allergy, general physical debility, climatic extremes, psychological stress. Additional for babies: dairy milk started early, diaper rash, antiseptic soaps, health issues during pregnancy.

Therefore anything that can lower resistance of the individual and digestive power can lead to autoimmune disease. Each one has their own weak spots in the body where disease can start easily. In case of Eczema weak spot is skin.

There no single way to get rid of Eczema. Eczema can rise from all Doshas that's why the individual approach is important. Most common types are PittaKapha predominant and Kapha predominant. The symptoms you described look more PK: burning sensation, itching, pain. If there reddish or blackish discoloration and oozing from the lessons that more chance it is PK type of Eczema. But of course, it's hard to say without consultation.

In general, Ayurveda suggests Abhyanga with Nalpamaradi oil to relieve symptoms. Add coriander, fennel, turmeric, green leafy to the diet. Avoid too spicy, too oily food, eggs, peanuts, cashews, strawberries, wheat, corn, shellfish, soy, sesame oil (as food), curds to prevent aggravation of the symptoms. Avoid soaps, disinfectants, fresh fruit juices, dust.

Specific Ayurvedic supplements usually suggested purifying the blood. There at least five we can use in this type of Eczema have to see kids before suggest.

After symptoms are gone Ayurveda suggests to rejuvenate the skin and improve immunity. Otherwise, it can come back then.