Ayurveda the Science of Life Nov 15, 2016

I created this group to share Ayurvedic knowledges and my experience about how to stay healthy, happy and get rid of the diseases in natural way.

Before we'll dive into understanding and management of different health problems and diseases according to Ayurveda it'll be great to understand first: what actually is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the natural healing system, traditional medicine of India founded more than five thousand years ago. Literally from Sanskrit ‘Ayur’ - means life, ‘Veda’ - means knowledge. Therefore Ayurveda - the knowledge about life.

Knowledge about life… what does it mean? Do we know what life is? Life is a time between birth and death. But which knowledges should we have about this and should we?

Hitam ahitam sukham dukham ayustasya Hitahitam
Man am cha tat cha Yatroktam Ayurvedaha sa Oochyate
Charaka Samhita, Sutrasthana

Charaka (one of the principal contributors) says that Ayurveda gives us the guidelines about what is good and bad for our life and health. Ayurveda is a knowledge about how to live our life in state of health and happiness. And we all know that health is important to achieve joy, wealth, happiness, prosperity. If someone sick or in pain there are no more joy and happiness for him/her - just desire to get rid of pain and be healthy.