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Detoxify and restore your body and mind with the power of nature and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda

Spring is a time of detoxification and refreshing. It helps to detoxify and rejuvenate your body as well as prevent spring allergies and lose weight. Ayurvedic Way is pleased to offer you a personalized program of detoxification and rejuvenation.

When to consider Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse?

  • You are tired, weak, or have no energy

  • Want to lose weight

  • Feel heavy, sluggish, depressed

  • Have chronic conditions

  • Your digestion isn’t working properly

  • Suffering from insomnia or do not feel refreshed after sleep

Why choose our Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse?


It adjusted specially for you, considering your body type, strength, health condition. We respect your uniqueness and think out symptoms and issues. 

It is online. Therefore you can save time to travel.

It is simple. We provide you with a quick & easy manual. It includes all you want to know about cleansing: your diet, shopping list, lifestyle guide. Recipes are so effortless that anyone can prepare. They do not require much of your time or cooking skills. 

All supplements are included. We provide you with all required traditional Ayurvedic supplements according to your health situation for rejuvenation and cleanse.

It doesn’t require your days off. You can continue with your work schedule and activities on the days of preparation and rejuvenation. Only one day is suggested to spend at home, and we can adjust it to your needs.

It is under Ayurvedic Practitioner care. You will be supported by email, phone, or online chat whenever you need it.

It works! Ayurvedic cleansing is not the same as a bowel cleanse. It works much deeper in the tissues and provides their detoxification. First few days of preparation, you will start with supplements/herbs well known to stimulate digestion, metabolism and expel toxins (Ama). Once you are ready for the next step, internal oleation starts. It aids in melting deep-seated toxins (as well as aggravated Doshas) and brings them back to the GUT. Finally, one day of purgation removes all hazardous waste, toxins, and aggravated Doshas (imbalances) out from the body. We always end Ayurvedic Cleanse with rejuvenation which provides deep and long-lasting healing. As a result, you feel refreshed and full of energy! A personalized spring cleansing is your first step in going back to health from chronic illnesses.

Diet Plan

What is included:

  • Individual one-hour in-person (online) consultation with Ayurvedic Practitioner is the first step of your cleansing. During the visit, the Practitioner would determine your unique Ayurvedic constitution, discuss your current health concerns, and create a protocol for your detoxification program.

  • You will receive complete personalized guidelines for the 14 days with simple recipes, a food list, lifestyle suggestions, instruction for the cleansing.

  • Initial Webinar is here to help set up and answer all your questions before the start. 

  • Personal support via email, phone, or online chat throughout the process.

  • Customized herbal blend/supplements for cleansing preparation, purgation, and fifteen days of rejuvenation.

  • Herbal tea;

  • Closing Webinar is scheduled the next day after cleansing to provide future instructions for the fifteen days of rejuvenation.

  • Herbal, lifestyle, diet protocol, and email support for the fifteen days of Rejuvenation.

  • Register before March 15 to receive a FREE Follow up (online or in-person).


When does it start?


  • Live in or online Individual Consultation should be scheduled as an appointment March 1 - April 5. 

  • April 5 - April 9 - All supplements and a manual would be delivered to your door.

  • April 6, 6pm - 8pm - Initial Webinar

  • April 11- April 24 - Ayurvedic Cleansing

  • April 25 - Closing Webinar 9 am - 11 am

  • April 25-May - Rejuvenation - you will take supplements to restore your body after cleansing. Some diet improvements can be suggested

Got a FREE Follow up? You can schedule it for May 9 - May 30.

The dates do not work for you? No problem! Please call or email to get a personalized schedule.


Registration closes on April 5. 

Limited space up to 15 people.

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